Sign in to Zoom App

Updated Mar 25, 2020

The benefits of signing in to the Zoom App allows you to remember settings such as your name, and allows you to communicate with anyone else who is currently signed in to the app. You can also create groups of people after they logged in to the zoom app once.

1. What kind of device are you using?

The following instructions are written for Apple iOS, but it should translate similarly to Android.

1.1.1. Open Zoom

1.1.2. Sign in with Google

1.1.3. Continue

1.1.4. Sign in with Account

1.1.5. Done

The following instructions were written for Windows 10, but it should translate over to older versions of Windows and macOS.

1.2.1. Open Zoom App

Sign in to Zoom App
Zoom Cloud Meetings

1.2.2. Click on: Sign In

Zoom Cloud Meetings

1.2.3. Sign In with Google

Zoom Cloud Meetings

1.2.4. Sign in with Account

Sign in - Google Accounts - Google Chrome

1.2.5. Open Zoom Meetings

Login with Google - Zoom - Google Chrome

1.2.6. Done

Congratulations, you are done!
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